Jeffrey C. Woodson II is a filmmaker, photographer, and musician who focuses primarily on Narrative, Documentary, and Experimental films.


 He writes, directs, photographs, and edits nearly all of his pieces. With a love for the art of movie-making, he passionately pursues the medium of visual storytelling with a reverence for the ability to not only entertain but also challenge the audience’s perceptions and beliefs. With a strong emphasis on representation, Jeffrey seeks to "see more black people fighting dragons and flying spaceships."


He jumped into a focus in writing and directing his films over the last few years, and in 2020 won an official selection and became a finalist in the Lonely Wolf London International Film festival and an honorable mention at the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival. 


He has also had the opportunity to work with brands such as Netflix, Atomos, F-Stop Gear, and Happy Camper Clothing Co.